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Richard Ayres: The Cricket Recovers (American Premiere)

Nathaniel will perform as the Elephant in the American Premiere of Richard Ayres’s chamber opera, The Cricket Recovers (2005), as part of the Tanglewood Music Center’s annual Festival of Contemporary Music. The production will be conducted by Thomas Adès.

The Cricket Recovers is based on an award-winning collection of children’s stories by Dutch author Toon Tellegen, adapted by librettist Rozalie Hirs. The story presents an array of animal protagonists overcoming everyday human struggles, with the orchestra depicting the surrounding forest.

Emily Helenbrook: Vole and Sun
Robin Steitz: Cricket
Kameryn Lueng: Squirrel
Chloë Schaaf: Ant and Owl
Eric Carey: Sparrow
Walter Aldrich: Gallworm and Falling
Nathaniel Sullivan: Elephant

General Admission: $13