Rewriting the Four Agreements

Particularly as an artist, having the daily reminder to not take anything personally and to not make assumptions was crucial. However, in episode nine of The Long and The Short Of It, Jen reveals that there’s something that doesn’t sit well with her about the Four Agreements:

The problem here is that when you tell someone not to do something, you have neglected to tell them what to actually do. So I could say to you, “Don’t take anything personally,” but that leaves you action-less. It leaves you in a state of unknown.

So, in typical Jen and Peter fashion, they proceed to magnificently rewrite the Four Agreements, using “affirmative and inclusive language” in order to encourage active implementation of the agreements. (i.e. Saying “do this” instead of “don’t do that.”)

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Getting Curious

I wasn’t curious about my audience, about the individuals who might be consuming these materials (or, more likely, not consuming these materials at all). And, more importantly, I wasn’t at all curious about why on earth I was putting these things—website, newsletter, YouTube videos—into the universe. It was just the thing that every aspiring artist did. Ultimately, it was spam.

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